Shabana reveals Special Connection with Neerj’s mom

Popular actress Shabana Azmi is all set to play role of Neerja Bhanot’s mother Rama in upcoming biopic film titled as “Neerja”. She says she is really well to play the real life mom.


This film is directed by debutant Ram Madhvani.  This film features Sonam Kapoor in the title role which is set to e focusing on Neerja Bhanot life. She happens to be a PanAm flight attendant who saved the passengers life from terrorists by losing her life.

Shabana said, “I had the good fortune of meeting Ramaji in person last year when I was invited to Chandigarh to present the Neerja Bhanot Award. She is lovely and we get along really well. When I was offered the role, I felt it was because of a special connection we made”.

She added, “Sonam is the daughter of Anil (Kapoor) and Sunita (Kapoor) who have been very close friends for more than 30 years. I have watched her grow up and I have deep affection for her. Last but not the least, I look forward to work with Ram, who has been friend of many years and whose taste for cinema I share”.

Madhvani said, “I have been an avid fan of Shabana from the beginning of her career. Our connect is immediate and deep because of the kind of cinema we both believe in. When people ask me who is acting in ‘Neerja’, I am always proud to say Shabana Azmi. I’m privileged that Shabana agreed to act in the film.”

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About the Author: Sujana Gorantla