Remo feels International dances overshades Indian dances

Choreographer turned director Remo D’Souza who is known for his hip-hop style dance in the Indian filmdom seems International dances overshades Indian dance forms.


D’Souza told, “Absolutely! I have experienced it. When I was doing a reality show, and we did a week for Indian dance forms, the TRP (television rating points) used to fall down, and then the next week when we did full international dances, the TRP went up up.”

He added, “I think they (International dance forms) are doing extremely well and at the same time fear that we are losing our own… we have to tell people that ‘Hey guys, this is our Indian culture, keep watching it and support Indian dance forms'”.

He said, “I’m not expecting anything moneywise. But I’m expecting that people should come and experience the film. It is very close to my heart and every Indian should watch ‘ABCD2′”.

D’Souza said, “I wanted to make a dance film which I wanted to make with only dancers and I wanted to prove that these guys can also act, and in the second one, I wanted to prove that I can make actors also dance.”

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About the Author: Sujana Gorantla