Mumbai rains are harrowing for Sonakshi

Actress Sonakshi Sinha is on top of her career with her upcoming films and the latest we heard that the actress is more harrowing due to Mumbai rains than Ghosts.


Currently the actress is busy with the shoot of her upcoming actioner titled as “Akira” at Mukesh Mills in Colaba.

Sources rife that the place is haunted and said that night shoots are avoided at the mill due to eerie happenings in the location.

It is said that there have been many situations of lost belongings at the shoot on the set.

For Instance In 2009, it was recorded that while shooting a female actress had suddenly started to speak in a manly voice not only that even her face changed to the horror.

But for Sonakshi, Mumbai’s waterlogged streets are ghosts than the real one.

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About the Author: Sujana Gorantla