Wow! – Rudhramadevi Nominated For Oscar Entry!

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Wow! – Rudhramadevi Nominated For Oscar Entry!

The latest buzz is that a right film won a right honour. Gunasekhar’s silver screen magnum opus ‘Rudhramadevi’ has been recommended as the best foreign-language film at the Oscars by the Film Federation of India. In addition to ‘Rudhramadevi’, a few more films from other languages were reportedly selected for Oscars and the details are yet to be known.

Wow! - Rudhramadevi Nominated For Oscar Entry


Passionate filmmaker Gunasekhar struggled to the core in carving out a niche with ‘Rudhramadevi’. Besides, the movie falls under the rare category, the historical entertainer. Apart from protagonist Anushka, Stylish Star Allu Arjun, who played cameo role as Gona Gannareddy, impressed the audience a big time.

However, the news is that Rajamouli’s folklore entertainer ‘Baahubali’ failed to be selected for Oscars, last year which turned out to be a topic for discussion for movie patrons now. They are comparing ‘Rudhramadevi’ with ‘Baahubali’. Though ‘Baahubali’ was made as a visual wonder, critics gave thumbs down to its content. Also, there was a big criticism when the movie was conferred as the best feature film at national awards. Whatever it is, Telugu people should take it as a pride both the films increased the standards of the Telugu cinema.


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