Sukumar formula x for Charan-based on korean script

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Sukumar formula x for Charan-based on korean script

Ramacharan needs an immediate super hit with ‘Dhruva’ in order to make fine comeback and announce his role for Tollywood top slot. Ramcharan career is rolling doldrums from last few years owing to weak script selection. Dhruva is proven subject in Tamilnadu and Surender Reddy is deftly handling it making amendments after clearly watching the original “Thanvi Oruvan”.

sukumar formula x for charan based on korean script

Korean artists and directors are superb at dealing the thrillers with wide screenplay. According to reports, charan was mightily impressed with director Sukumar’s work on “Nannaku Prematho” and ordered for one more excellent mind game based script. In this movie Charan playing a doctor role and it is titled as Formula ‘X’. Sukumar picked this subject from a largely inspired Korean film.