Ravi Babu’s Next to Property a Piglet!!

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Ravi Babu’s Next to Property a Piglet!!

The Tollywood Film Maker Ravi Babu, Known for his out of the box ideas and innovative film making. Actor Ravi Babu is ready with his next film titled ‘Adigo’. Unlike most of his films, adigo is worlds different and treads completely new shores of film making. Ravi babu centered the entire film on a Piglet. Yes, what you listened that is exactly right. After releasing that it will cost him a bomb to import the animatronics Technology to make this film as he desired.

Ravi Babu's Next to Property a Piglet!!

Ravi Babu Designed indigenous software that combines live action, animation and animatronics to simulate his protagonist, the piglet, after a grueling trial and error process. Once he got his piglet ready Ravi Babu commenced the shoot in March and he completed the shooting within three months.