Ram’s Hyper Movie Review!

Hyper Movie Ompula Dhaniya Song Making Video!

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Ram’s Hyper Movie Review!

 Hyper – Too much mass

Tollywood Hero Ram who tasted success this year with Nenu Sailaja has come up with yet another mass entertainer Hyper. The movie title itself has a lot of power which could be evident on screen. Director Santhosh delivered a feel-good movie.

Ram's Hyper Movie Review!


Actually, it is a story about a son who loves his father very much and who does anything for him. Satyaraj is seen as a government employee who abides by the rules and has never done any corruption in his service tenure. He is on the verge of retirement. During this, a businessman who wants permission approaches Satyraj who rejects because of the loopholes the project has. So this ends with a fight between Ram and the businessman! How all these resolves is the final story!


Son-father sentiment


Chemistry between Ram and Rashi

Cast and crew Performance:

Ram Pothineni who is known for his energy on screen has given his 100%. He was simply amazing in each and very frame. Rashi Khanna did justice to the character. Satyaraj lived in the character and every scene between Ram and Satyaraj worked out very well. Other characters have done their best to elevate the scenes. Comedy done by the artists worked out well.

Technical Aspects:

Director Santhosh came up with the same old story while he tried to portray in a different way possible. It should be noted that the movie could have been much better with a better screenplay.

Coming to others, Manisharma has been outstanding with the BGM and Gibhran’s music is average. The cinematography is awesome while the editing is neat.


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