Ram Charan’s Bruce Lee Public Talk

Ram Charan’s Bruce Lee Public Talk

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Finally, Ram Charan’s Bruce Lee movie was released today ( 16/10/2015). This movie is receiving mixed reviews from the audiences and it is expected to rock the box office.  The movie is directed by Srinu Vaitla and music composed by SS Thaman. This movie was made with a budget of Rs 37 Crore.

Here is the public talk of Ram Charan’s Bruce Lee:

Soma Sekhar @Tollywood_King

#BruceLee: 1st half is avg with good songs. Except Chiru presence nothing is there in 2nd half. BGM & Photography is good. Below Avg movie..

Sriram Varma @sriramForU

1st half done… Good so far Photography, dances and few funny scenes Charan better ayyadu.. Arun Vijay bavunnadu.. Dialogues bavunnai, Thaman BGMs good, Kriti karbanda character far better than heroine Rakul #BruceLee completed.. . Regular Telugu family commercial movie With enough mass elements Hit cinema…. No blockbuster and non-bahubali But one fact, Megastar looks ultimate aa four minutes kosam diehard fans repeats vestaru… Eagerly waiting for #Chiru150

aHf ‏@adhyayam

Interval. Above average 1st half. Family scenes and songs are huge plus so far.Villain track weak #BruceLee Above avg 1st half and bad 2nd half. Below Avg on a whole. #BruceLee Almost nothing is in second half, Except for Chiru episode which is a feast for fans #BruceLee Charan excelled in Dances and Fights.Undoubtedly his best performance so far. #BruceLee

Abhïshēk4U ‏@abhishekreddyR

Aveg 1st half and bad 2nd half.Only highlight in 2nd half is Chiru’s 5 mins role.Just super.#BruceLee

Venkyreviews ‏@venkyreviews

#BruceLeeTheFighter #BruceLee Decent 1st half… Ram Charan’s dances and @MusicThaman BGM are very good…Need a big 2nd half now #BruceLeeTheFighter #BruceLee 2nd half not good…Megastar’s Cameo saves the 2nd half…Below average movie. Don’t believe fake reviews

Shruthi HDL ‏@UrsShruthi

Excellent 1st half Megastar Chiru Cameo should help the Film to do well at the #Boxoffice #BruceLee #Above60Cr #MegaPoweStar Ram Charan Registered Blockbuster Hit with #BruceLee..1st half – Excellent 2nd Half – Good Rating – (3.5/5)

Rajju Says ‏@rajinesh_rao

#Brucelee Avg stuff with excellent chiru cameo …. Bemmi comedy peddaga workout avvaledu #Brucelee very weak on story …strong on dances nd mannerisms #Brucelee 1st Half oka story ayite 2nd half complete different story there lies the main problem