Himani Shivpuri says no to sex comedies

Popular Actress Himani Shivpuri says she prefers to stay away from sex comedies.


She said, “I don’t act in sex comedies, and whoever acts in them, I don’t think it’s bad, because cinema, art and theatre are the mirrors of society. People love it (sex comedies), that’s why it’s made and shown. The day people stop watching sex comedies, makers will stop making them”.

She said, “Life is so stressful, and when you get a chance to see such a light hearted comedy, it kinda makes you stress-free and your tension just disappears. Above, all I am a theatre person, from National School of Drama, I want to promote theatre”.

Actress said, “At present, I am working on two films, ‘Wedding Pulav’ and ‘The Black Truth’, which is based on a real incident that happened in Bihar.”

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