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Rajamouli Supports on Manamantha Film!

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Rajamouli Supports on Manamantha Film!

Tollywood director Chandrashekar Yeleti’s Manamantha movie, which was released on Friday, is getting good reviews from critics and class audience. Malayalam superstar Mohanlal has acted in an important role in the movie.

Rajamouli Supports on Manamantha Film!

Director Rajamouli also watched Manamantha movie soon after its release and was spell bound by the way Chandrashekar Yeleti handled the movie.

Rajamouli was so much impressed by the movie that he even called Manamantha movie a text book for film students.

#Manamantha will remain a top class film in the career of Chandu and Vaaraahi chalana chithram. Chandu has a knack of extracting super performances from his actors.

Tweeted Rajamouli After watching the movie, “The way the film began the way it was weaved and the way it ended is a text book for every film student”. Congratulations to the entire unit. And he also said that chandu has many well-wishers in industry and fans and if Manamantha becomes commercially hit then everyone will be happy for him.