Why Ajith did not come to cast his vote ?

Why Ajith did not come to cast his vote

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We had all known that, the Nadigar Sangam election was conducted yesterday. There were so many actors and actress who did not come for Voting..One among them was Ajith. Ajith is busy in the post production work of Vedhalam and he is in the last phase of the dubbing process. He had an injury on the last day of Vedhalam shooting too. As per doctors advice, he was told to take rest and avoid movement. Apart from this, there was a buzz that, Ajith might have felt there were too many commotion in that place where the election was conducted. We heard that he doesn’t want to be a part of that commotion. It is to be noted here that, there is an option of casting their vote through post in case if they are not able to come directly due to some reason. He did not avail that option too.