Rajinikanth’s Mistake in Telugu States Regarding to ‘Kabali

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Rajinikanth’s Mistake in Telugu States Regarding to ‘Kabali


Super Star Rajinikanth, evidently, is doing a blunder in connection with the release of his upcoming movie ‘Kabali’. The film is one of the huge awaited films down south at the moment. But then, the movie I promoted greatly in Tamil Nadu while no such promotions are being made in Telugu States.

Rajinikanth's Mistake in Telugu States Regarding to 'Kabali

The makers have recently done the audio launch of Tamil ‘Kabali’. Even after four days of Tamil audio launch, songs of Telugu Kabali haven’t released by the makers. In spite of having a good market Telugu States. Tamil Star Rajinikanth seems to have shown no intrust in promoting the movie in Telugu States. The reason is due to Vikramasimha distributors issues are being busy with ‘2.0’. Rajinikanth has not promoted his film in Telugu States.

However, Telugu Audience has got their mindsets changed. They are not watching Tamil films as they had watched them fondly a decade ago.  To sum up there is a need for Rajini to promote ‘Kabali’ in a Telugu states greatly for a better mileage.