Nadigar Sangam : Vishal, Nassar and Karthi feelings

Nadigar Sangam : Vishal, Nassar and Karthi feelings

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Pandavari Ani consists of Vishal, Nassar, Karthi, Ponvannan and Karunas who had a big victory against opposite team Sarath Kumar and Radharavi.

Here is what new President, General Secretary and Treasurer says,

President: Nassar says, “It’s an inexplicable feeling. This victory was not intended to defeat anyone but to bring a change”

General Secretary: Vishal says, “It is Nassar sir’s vision to bringe a change. V all stood by him. I would like to first thank Amma (CM) & the people force for the fair conduct of election.

Treasurer: Karthi expressed his feelings as, “I thank the police force, AMMA and justice Padamanabhan for a fair election. Our first objective will be to create a database of actors and their most imminent needs. We will explain in detial later”.