Nadigar Sanagam Elections – Complete Details

Nadigar Sanagam Elections – Complete Details

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• Nadigar Sangam Elections will be held on October 18th, 2015 at Mylapore and they will be carried out between 7 Am to 5 Pm.

• The election candidates were given their symbols and numbers. Naaser gets number 1, Sarathkumar gets number 2, and Vishal gets number 3.

• The election will select new candidates for Nadigar Sangam. The winners can stay in their position for a span of three years.

• So far 3,139 persons are eligible to caste their vote. Those who are out of Chennai are 1,175. Those who are out of Chennai can make only postal votes. In case they are willing to come to Chennai, they should speak with Justice Padmanaban.

• So far 241 persons have accepted to come to Chennai, and Justice Padmanaban has accepted their requests.

• Rest 934 votes will be postal votes. They will get their election tickets through the post.

• Persons who initially said they will come in person and later changed their decision were taken out of votes. So far 150 votes were eliminated in a similar way.

• The postal votes began yesterday and so far 61 votes have been registered. 39 Votes from Pudukottai and 22 Votes from Madurai has been casted.

• Similarly, Simbhu was given number 4 and Vijayakumar was given number 5 in Sarathkumar team.

Vishal -Team 

Sarath -team