Balaji Mohan speaks about Dhanush

Balaji Mohan speaks about Dhanush

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Balaji Mohan speaks about Dhanush

Director Balaji Mohan became a talk of the town recently. He has started his direction career after discontinuing his engineering studies. He made his debut with the film ‘Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi’ and bagged huge fame.Now, Balaji is busy with one of the highly roped and popular actor, Dhanush for the film ‘Maari’. On speaking at an interview, Balaji remembers the days when he was struggling hard to become a successful director. He says, “I don’t believe in sentiment. But this was meant to be. I feel as if life has come full circle. I’ve always liked Dhanush sir and I am one of his biggest fans. He is someone I couldn’t wait to work with after my first film. It still feels unreal that I’ve already worked with him. That our film is about to release. It’s going to take some time to really hit me.”

On speaking about Maari, Balaji says that, Dhanush has essayed gang star role in the past but in his upcoming he says, “We’ve treated Maari very differently. His look in this film is going to set him apart from everything he’s done before. For instance, he rarely raises his voice. Everything is conveyed subtly.”

Yound director adds, “I think Dhanush sir has handled this beautifully, he brings alive the character’s mannerisms in a subtle yet powerful way. Even in confrontation scenes, he isn’t too loud; he expresses himself through his body language. In Maari, he talks very less; his character required him to say very little.”

Director Balaji speaks about the actress Kajal Aggarwal as, “Kajal has quite a meaty role in the film. Her role is not that of a stereotypical heroine. Her character has not been added to the script as an excuse to have an actress on board. She has a major role to play in one of the plot twists and it came about in the flow of the script. It will not look unnatural because when the plot progression happens, she would have an important role to play.”

Director speaks about himself as, “I am very reserved. I prefer to be silent. I might be funny on the inside, but definitely not openly funny. Anyone who knows me will also know that I’m mostly a Zen person.”