Airline Major Air Asia existing together with ‘Kabali’!!

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Airline Major Air Asia existing together with ‘Kabali’!!

The Tamil Super Star Rajinikanth’s film ‘Kabali’ is getting ready to hit the screens in the month of July. And the songs will release this Sunday. The film’s producer Kalaipuli.s.thanu who is always known for multitude promotions has beefed up the promotions for the biggest film in his production career. Know we got the information that the ‘Kabali’ makers have a tie up with Airline Major Air Asia.

the major airline aie asia existing together with 'Kabali'

The film directed by Pa.Ranjith involves many Airplanes of Air Asia. So the film has been named as the official Airline Partner of ’Kabali’. Air asia was also rleased a new poster of ‘Kabali’ today and it has been doing great rounds in social media.