Transporter Refueled With a New Transporter

Transporter Refueled With a New Transporter

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The next installment in the Transporter franchise would have a new lead, stepping aside from the Jason Statham. Ed Skrein would be putting on the tux this time for the Transporter Revealed. Frank Martin. The Transporter is a retired special-ops mercenary who now transports classified packages for the questionable people.

Transporter Refueled With a New TransporterThe story would focus on Frank’s mission to rescue his father, rob a bank & outrun a Russian kingpin. The trailer that was released a though back showed glimpses of the characters & unveiled some information about the plot of the movie. Filled with an action sequences the trailer had enough details to keep the transporter fans hooked.

Directed by the Camille Delamarre, Transported Refueled would hit the theatres on September 4 in the U.S. Along with Ed Skrein, the cast includes Loan Chabrol, Gabriella Wright, Ray Stevenson, Tatiana Markovic, Wenxia Yu, Noémie Lenoir &Yuri Kolokolnikov. The film has produced by Luc Besson (Lucy) and Mark Gao and written by Adam Cooper, Bill Collage, and Luc Besson.