Jurassic World Surpasses Avengers for 3rd Biggest Hit

Jurassic World Surpasses Avengers for 3rd  Biggest Hit

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Jurassic World Surpasses Avengers for 3rd  Biggest HitWith its record for biggest opening in history & the biggest hit of 2015, Jurassic World has broken another record by becoming the 3rd  biggest hit of all time. Previously title was held by Marvels, ‘The Avengers’. The 1st  and 2nd  spot are held by Avatar ($2.78 billion) & Titanic ($2.18 billion).

Jurassic World stars Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Irrfan Khan & Vincent D’Onofrio, & had an opening weekend of $208.8 million. It has now grossed $1.522 billion, beating The Avengers’ $1.520 billion. Irrfan Khan said in an interview that Both the industries have their own individuality. But Hollywood has a bigger reach & has its own universal language. It is more powerful. It has dominated their cinema. It can affect the business of Bollywood. But, their movies are not affecting their business. Its Hollywood, which is affecting Indian cinema.

Jurassic World was directed by Colin Trevorrow and has also earned more than the original movie, ‘Jurassic Park’, by Steven Spielberg, when accounted for inflation. Although, according to Collider, the total income of Jurassic world does not account for inflation in the U.S. Taking it into account, the top 3 movies of all time are ‘Gone with the Wind’, ‘Star Wars’, & ‘The Sound of Music’.