‘Johnny Depp’ can face ten year jail verdict for his pet dogs ?

‘Johnny Depp’ can face ten year jail verdict for his pet dogs ?

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Johnny Depp can face ten year jail verdict for his pet dogs ? Hollywood superstar ‘Johnny Depp’, who has been landed in the deep troubles after landing in ‘Australia’ with his pet dogs. Pistol & Boo without prior permission, can face ten years imprisonment for abusing the rules of Australia.

The ‘Jack Sparrow’ in Pirates of Caribbean star, could also be fined up to USD 265,000 alongside with the jail term for illegally transporting animals.

The star, who recently married Amber Heard, was warned by Australian Minister for Agriculture, Barnaby Joyce. The minister has informed him that the officials would kill if puppies were not flown out of country within fifty hours.

In response to those warnings Depp sent his dogs with his wife back to home.

Singer ‘Taylor Swift’ Donates USD15,000 to firefighter Aaron Van Riper family

‘Fearless’ & ‘Ours’ singer Taylor Swift, has donated $15,000 to the firefighter, who saved his own family after receiving a 911 call. The volunteer firefighter’s wife & young son were hospitalized due to severe injuries.

The 25-year-old singer responded to ‘Go Fund Me’ account, a crowdfunding page call & donated $15,000. The report was confirmed by the source to BuzzFeed News, as per the reports.

Amber Van Riper, twenty eight, wife of Huntsville, Texas, based volunteer firefighter or Aaron Van Riper underwent for the major surgery to repair her pelvis, & has been receiving treatment in a hospital. His seven year old son was discharged from the hospital after receiving surgery for the broken arm and leg.