Ian McKellen to be next seen as Sherlock Holmes

“Ian McKellen” to be next seen as Sherlock Holmes

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Ian McKellen to be next seen as Sherlock HolmesSir Ian McKellen, an Oscar-winning actor, will be next seen as the world’s most popular detective, ‘Sherlock Holmes’, in his forthcoming movie Mr. Holmes.

Based on Mitch Cullin’s novel ‘A Slight Trick of The Mind’, Mr. Holmes is the British-American drama mystery directed by Bill Condon. PVR Pictures will release the film on July 24.

An interesting coincidence here is that McKellen is the proud homosexual & will be portraying the role of ‘Sherlock Holmes’, who has actually been romoured to be gay.

In a recent interview, when Sir Ian was asked if he would ever marry, he was quoted by The Hindu to have said that, “It’s never crossed my mind that it will ever be possible for me. That’s the scar that I and so many others bear. We believed ourselves to be second-rate citizens for so long, the idea of being able to say ‘This is my husband, these are my children’ was not an option. Someone once told me “I feel so sorry for you, because you’ll never have children.” These days, I would say, ‘Well, why not, Tom?’ But 20 years ago, I accepted his judgment.”