Eminem discloses How He Recovered from Drug Addiction

Eminem discloses How He Recovered from Drug Addiction

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Eminem discloses How He Recovered from Drug AddictionIn the recent interview, Eminem revealed how he overcame from his drug addiction. He turned to rigorous workouts & exercise sessions after he left rehab. He weighed almost 230 pounds at that time and had to join a rehabilitation centre after he overdosed on pills in 2007.

The rapper gained the weight because of mistreatment of Vicodin and Valium He added that which leaves a hole in the stomach, so to avoid a stomachache, he was constantly eating – & eating badly. He further added that he became a fucking hamster. 17 miles a day on a treadmill. he would get up in the morning, and before he went to the studio, he would run 8-and-a-half miles in about an hour. Then he had come home and run another eight and a half. he started getting OCD about the calories, making sure he burned 2,000 every day. In the end, I got down to about 149 pounds. He ran to the point where he started to get injured. All the constant pounding from the running began to tear up his hip flexors.

Eminem also mentioned that his friendship with Elton John has played a major role in his recovery. In 2009 he showed his appreciation for Elton and said that When he first wanted to get sober, he called [Elton] and spoke to him about it. He is somebody who is in the business and can identify and relate to the lifestyle and how hectic things can be. He understands … the pressure and any other reasons that you want to come up with for doing drugs.