Zareen Khan’s definition of bold has changed

Actress Zareen Khan is all set to be part of her upcoming film titled as “Hate Story” franchise. She says she is knows that she had to lovemaking scene and has no inhibitions.

Zareen Khan
Zareen Khan

She said, “The definition of bold has changed today. Almost every film these days has a lovemaking scene and they are acceptable without being termed bold. Everyone is doing it. I think it stands out in my case because the franchise has the tag of being ‘erotica’.”

She added, “But honestly, if I was to do a film without lovemaking or kissing I will end up doing only mythological movies”.

She further added, “My mom is very supportive and if my family and my close friends are with me, I don’t care a damn what anyone else says about me or my image”.

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