Uff!Salman gets defamation case for Rs 250 Crore

Hope Salman Khan is favourite kid of the rumours as he is hitting the bush of troubles for one or the other reasons. Let it be the Salman’s 2002 hit and run case or the present Veer producer who sues defamation case on the actor for Rs 250 Crore.


It is to be mentioned that Galani produced ‘Veer’, and he had paid Dabbang actor Rs 10 Crore as his remuneration. Galani also told the actor that if the film gets excellent collections at box office, the actor will be paid Rs 15 Crore.

Well as the film doesn’t do well at Box-Office and then after 3 months of the film release producer received a notice from the actor for the overdue of Rs. 15 Crore.

Galani says, “That non-cooperation was not valid because it was only one organisation which had sent that letter, it comes in validation if two bodies issue the letter. So later I went to the court saying that these claims Salman is making are baseless and for 3-4 years no one from Salman’s side came from the hearing. A few months back I won the case and now I have filed a case against Salman for defamation and have sued him for Rs 250 crores now for all the mental agony and harassment I have gone through all these years”.

He added, “I had produced a film ‘Suryawanshi’ with Salman and then since Salman was a friend I approached him another film but he told me to produce ‘Veer’ because he had written the script. I agreed to produce the film and got Anil Sharma to direct it. I used to hang out with Salman and he didn’t even mention to me about the money and suddenly after 3 months his office sent me that notice. Right now I am producing another film which has Girish Taurani in it as the lead and the film has been completed.”

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About the Author: Sujana Gorantla