Tina Ahuja has no friends in B-Town

Debutante Tina Ahuja is daughter of senior actor Govinda says she neither has friends in B-Town nor she was brought up in film party culture.


Tina makes her debut with Smeep Kang’s “Second Hand Husband”.

Tina told, “I don’t have friends in the industry… we have never had ‘filmy’ parties in our house and we don’t socialise that much.”

She said, “Sometimes, star kids are exposed to film industry, whereas my upbringing was very normal. For me, it was a very different thing but there are some people who start off early As they get launched because their parents have been friends with or associated with filmmaker… So, it happened quickly for them. But it was a process for me to get into films”.

She said, “The film is based on alimony, so it’s not that we are just putting out punches out there for the people. There is a story there”.

Tina shared “My father taught me that it’s okay and this will always make me work harder… because they are not comparing me to someone who is of my calibre or my age group. They are comparing me with my father, who has done a lot of good work. So it’s okay. I’m going with the flow and taking each day as it comes.”

She told, “He advised that ‘don’t get involved so much into your work that you stop taking care of yourself or forget yourself. You have to keep time for exercise, gyming, your food and diet, eat while working’. A lot of people get so engrossed in work that they stop eating and that is where the fainting stories come.”

Tina said, “He told me to be like an empty glass, see what your director wants out of you. Don’t start flaunting your own ideas just because you have seen a lot of film shoots, because things were different earlier and now they are different. You have to move with times. He told me to give my best and leave the rest. And not to bother about the other things”.

“Second Hand Husband” will release on July 3.

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