SRK thanks all on completing 23 years in B-Town

B-Town romantic actor SRK has completed his 23 years in Indian filmdom and thanks everyone for his success.

He said, “Hi everybody on Twitter. First of all, extremely sorry for the delay…But I’m a star so I can be a little late. No, I really wanted to thank you all for very, anything, actually…First of all let me thank you for the company that you keep me. Thank you for the company you keep me in the middle of the night when I’m still awake and the world is asleep and I’m feeling lonely”.


It is to be remembered that SRK has made his debut into filmdom in 1992 with “Deewana”. He earlier has been part of “Fauji” and “Circus” on Small Screen.

He added, “Thank you for the film posters that you make of films…whose posters have still not made. Thank you for the good thing… thank you for the bad thing .. thank you for the like, thank you for the dislikes. Thank you for the haters…thank you for all the nice messages you send on festivals… thank you for posting different pictures of my children…thank you for the encouragement…thank you for the trends you create in minutes and moments…and thank you for all the good things you write about my films”.

He further said, “Thank you for writing the good things about my co-actors and friends and their films. Thank you very much for advice I get…thank you very much for some of the stories which you are sending which I have not yet read…Thank you for the photographs that you post of yourselves, your families…Thank you for some of the videos that you make of my songs and post… thank you for always being there…Thank you for this thing, that thing, everything, and thank you for all the 23 things and 23 years that you have liked me, loved me so much. I wouldn’t be able to do anything if you guys were not there.”

He tweeted, “Spent the day in the arms of my lil’ ones…maybe the best way to celebrate so many years is in the hearts of all of you. And will do a video tomorrow to thank u all personally…till then…Managed 2 do the video. Not the best effort as I was rushed but creativity sometimes takes a backseat to feelings”.

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