Sonam Kapoor says Fawad is gorgeous and gifted

Actor Fawad Khan is a gorgeous and gifted talent. This is said by his “Khoobsurat” co-star Sonam Kapoor.


Sonam said of her Fawad, “What does one say about a man who is a gorgeous and gifted with magnificent acting talent. When we were looking at casting for the character Vikram, we needed someone who can look regal effortlessly.”

She added, “Soon he became our dinner table conversation and that’s when Rhea decided to contact him for the film and as they say, rest is history.”

She even said, “very few people know that he is a funny guy in real life. They get to see his shy and intense side more often though, which we don’t mind at all.”

She said, “TV is an integral part of a household and a catalyst to bring the entire family together”.

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