Sonakshi maintains resolution in donning challenging roles

Actress Sonakshi Sinha is known for her excellence in acting as vivacious, girl next door image. She says she made a New Year’s resolution to pick “challenging roles” and is following up on it.


On Thursday Sonakshi said, “I made a New Year’s resolution that I am going to do very challenging roles. I think I have stuck to that resolution”.

She said, “I had to train for the role and it was quite difficult…. Luckily, I used to play a lot of sports while growing up so it came naturally to me. I have never trained in martial arts, but I picked up quickly. I trained throughout the film and it was quite a physical experience”.

She added, “It is an interesting way how they (filmmakers) show her entire story, which spans 30-40 years in one film. I am glad to get this opportunity. It is a good script and a powerful role”.

She concluded, “I am a part of the film industry, so music and dance go hand in hand. I am fond of dancing and music is a natural part of it. I am learning how to play drums and I enjoy singing”.

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