Shital Bhatia Horror is most under explored genre in India

Ad Producer Shital Bhatia, is co-producing the film titled as “Missing” along with Neeraj Pandey. He  says horror is the most under-explored genre in the country.


Bhatia said, “The horror genre is one of the most under-explored and under-exploited genres in India. Both Neeraj and I felt that this is a genre we need to focus on and provide audiences with quality and intelligent content which is also commercially viable to our partners”.

He added, “‘Missing’ is our first attempt in this direction and I am sure audiences would embrace it the same way as they have done our mainstream offerings”.

Bhatia concluded, “Manoj coming on board as co-producer on ‘Missing’ was a huge validation of our thoughts and efforts. Apart from Manoj being a partner on the film, his regular inputs on the creative side have been really helpful and have truly enhanced the final product. ‘Missing’ is the first one off the block at Friday Fearworks.”

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