Shankar says give twist to classical music in B-Town

Ace Musician Shankar Mahadevan doesn’t need any introduction to the Indian filmdom. He says the plunging popularity of Indian classical music can see an upswing if Bollywood music composers infuse classical tunes into their tracks.


He told, “It is the responsibility of music composers to add some classical music elements into their songs to make the music genre popular”.

The singer added, “that the kind of respect Indian classical music gets abroad is missing from India”.

He told, “We have always tried to do that with songs like ‘Mitwa’ or ‘Sapnon se bhare naina’. We try to add some classical elements so that a layman is also exposed to our great classical music”.

He added, “I’m looking forward to the whole experience that I had last year. It was so much fun and so different from other reality shows, which you normally do on television”.

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