Salman says audience are final judges of film

Actor Salman Khan, is happy with the success of his latest release titled as “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” which is roaring at the box office. He believes the audience who spends money to watch films is the true judge of movies.


He said, “Our intention…is always to be true to our work, so that the time and money which people spend to watch the movie doesn’t get wasted. If the industry wants to survive, we have to raise the level of films, writing, screenplay, dialogues and visuals.”

He added, “Eventually the final judge is the audience, who spend money to watch the film at the theatre, and on the basis of their collection we come to know that the movie is a one star, two star, three star, four star or a five star deserving movie…the critics should give review after the end result of the movie”.

He added, “I get very excited…we don’t sign movies so that they release and flop. We want that when people watch movies on TV, (even) at that time also they should like the movie.”

He further said, “We always try to make good movies and for that we are working very hard, but there are times when we go wrong and the movie is not appreciated but we have to move on.”

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