Salman advices film critics

Actor Salman Khan is one of the top stars in the Indian filmdom who says that film reviewers are entitled to express their personal views about a movie.


He said, “Such people, who give reviews, should say that they don’t like the movie instead of saying bad things about the movies. Such people don’t influence the movie, but now the ticket prices have also risen and there are some people who follow the review and might not watch the film because of a bad review and because of that we lose that person’s ticket which affects the producer”.

Salman said, “They can give him minus rating”.

He added, “This is our mistake, there are some actors and producers who think that such reviews will affect their movie, but I say that you guys give me minus ratings, in fact don’t even waste ink for writing about my movies, then I will see that my fans watch the movie or not”.

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