Rana believes about his journey in B-Town

Southern Actor Rana Daggubati is one of the top heroes in the industry and now he has been part of Indian Filmdom too. He feels that his jorney in B-Town was not exceptionally Happy.


He said, “It has been an extremely big learning”.

Rana said, “I’m not exceptionally happy about how I’m moving in Hindi (films), and it’s also what made me realise that I can’t be everywhere at once. Now, I’m focussing on content that can travel across languages. It will take time and won’t be easy, but I will be at it”.

He told, “Right from the time we started the film, I knew we needed a right presenter for it in Hindi. And the first person that came into my mind was Karan Johar, as I knew him. I went to him not with any footage, but with images of stuff that we shot, and told him the story. Then he stepped in and everything fell in place”.

Rana said, “Well, cinema is a larger than life experience and we can say this with the success of Hollywood films like ‘300’ and ‘Gladiator’, and others, which were dubbed and did so well in India.”

He added, “Audiences always want this larger than life visual and it needed the right filmmaker to make it”.

He said, “The problem was not Telugu, but the ancient Tamil that I had no idea about. The first day I couldn’t get past reading even a line. But then Madan Karky, the dialogue writer, used to write it, tape it and then send it to me… that’s how I got it”.

He said, “But whatever the result will be, I would always be proud that I was part of this epic”.

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