Rajkumar thanks God by saying to go long way

Actor Rajkumar Rao says that he was not born with silver spoon and thanks God to secure a National Film Award within his 5 years tenure into the Indian filmdom.


Rajkumar said, “I think god has been really kind to me. I’ve been lucky to be a part of some really wonderful films and to get to work with some really talented filmmakers. I think it’s a good start and there’s still a long way to go”.

He said, “Hari is representing a lot of Indian men, how a lot of Indian men think that women are their property. Once they’re married, the woman has to do what they ask them to do. As an actor, I don’t consider it a negative role… But the viewers will decide whether it’s a negative character or not. I think the character is somewhere in the grey region”.

He said, “I was a little scared when I heard the script. I told Bhatt sahab that this part is quite mature and I don’t know if I have that kind of understanding right now. But he was quite sure about it. He was very confident that only I could play this part”.

He said, “The shooting experience was amazing… Unfortunately, I didn’t have many scenes with Emraan but working with Vidya and Mohit is something I’ll always remember. We all know what an amazing and brilliant actress she is, but on top of that she is an amazing human being… She fills you up with so much positive energy and warmth.”

He told, “Mohit is so passionate and there is so much fire in him as a director which inspires you as an actor to work even harder”.

He further added, “I just listen to my heart when I’m selecting a film. I go with my gut feeling. I read so many scripts in a month and whatever touches my heart or whatever I feel is something that I should devote three to four months of my life to, I just say ‘yes’ to it.”

He said, “‘Aligarh’ is a really strong film. I’m really proud of it. I’ve seen bits of it and I think it has shaped up quite well. My character is very different in the film. I’m playing a journalist. He’s somebody who is very enthusiastic and peppy”.

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