Priyanka Chopra says sorry for a magazine cover!

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Priyanka Chopra says sorry for a magazine cover!

As per the latest Bollywood news, Priyanka Chopra never intended to hurt sentiments, but a pose with a tee got slammed precisely for allegedly doing that.  When the celebrated Bollywood diva posed for the magazine Conde Nast Traveller with a tee-shirt on which the words ‘migrant’, ‘refugee’ and ‘outsider’ were struck off and the word ‘traveller’ unmarked, she was not bargaining for a social media outrage.

Priyanka Chopra says sorry for a magazine cover!

The message on the tee, however, was perceived to be insensitive by many.  As someone put it, “Oh, I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware that being a refugee is a matter of choice.  What were you thinking?”  Following the outrage, Priyanka told a news channel, “They said they were addressing xenophobia, which is a big issue that’s happening, with labels.  And I bought into it, I guess.  I am really, really apologetic about the fact that sentiments were hurt.  That was definitely not the intention.  I of all the people am someone who always stands for no labels.  I am very affected and feel really horrible.  The message has been misconstrued.”

Earlier, the magazine too had apologized for the unintended offence caused.