Pahlaj Nihalani says-he was just doing his job regarding ‘Udta Punjab’ controvesy!!

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Pahlaj Nihalani says-he was just doing his job  regarding ‘Udta Punjab’ controvesy!!

The past few weeks back have been very tough for Pahlaj Nihalani as he was embroiled in a controversy with the makers of Udta Panjab. After the high court solved the film with one cut and three disclaimers, the film fraternity demanded Pahlaj’s ouster. The central board of film certification under the rule of Pahlaj, had ordered the makers to cut 13 parts from the film and remove the reference of Punjab everywhere, even from the title. Totally this film made 94 corrections. This didn’t go down well with the producers and they appealed this ruling in court.

Pahlaj Nihalani says-he was just doing his job regarding 'Udta Punjab' controvesy!!

While the government has not responded, Pahlaj in an interview with a leading daily, slammed the people demanding his ouster. In fact he is suggested that he is being targeted to doing his job. He told the daily, I am not answerable to the film industry. If the government asks me to step down, I will do so, I have done my job sincerely and honestly. No producer can claim his film was discontinued because of the CBFC. There is zero corruption in the CBFC and we are working towards online certification.

I am happy with my performance in CBFC.The persons those who are unhappy with what I have done I have no apology to offer. Don’t target me for doing my job.