Omung Kumar didn’t want biopic as his second film

Debut director Omung Kumar is enjoying the success of his first film “Mary Kom” which happens to be a Olympic bronze medallist MC Mary Kom’s story on the big screen. He says that he is not going to do another biopic as his second film.

Omung Kumar
Omung Kumar

Kumar told, “I had earlier decided not to make a biopic again, and I didn’t plan to make a biopic on Sarabjit. There was a good story in place, so I’m making the film. I had thought I’ll make a biopic perhaps after I try a few more films, but this story turned out to be so good that I kept all other stories aside and chose to proceed with this one”.

He said, “When there are new minds, obviously there are new kinds of thoughts. Audiences are adapting according to this thinking. Change comes about on its own…I’ve been in this industry for many years now and perhaps I’ll also make these kinds of commercial cinema some years later.”

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