Madhuri reveals her fitness secret!!

Well it is known fact that there will be a woman behind every successful man but here the scenario is different in gorgeous beauty Madhuri Dixit’s case.


She reveals that there is a woman behind Madhuri Dixit’s fitness and age-defying looks she is “Leena Mogre”.

Mogre said, “the first to have a personal trainer”.

She added, “Madhuri was my first client. And that time, the concept of personal training didn’t exist in Bollywood. And she was the first to have a personal trainer”.

She further added, “I used to take her training sessions at her house and due to her passion for dance, we used to do aerobics. She used to carry her music player or walkman to the film sets so that she could practice and keep herself fit”.

Morge concluded, “In her foreword, she writes that fitness is responsible for what she is today. And she has also launched her own website Dance With Madhuri, integrating dance and fitness beautifully just like our training sessions”.

Watch the space for more news.

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About the Author: Sujana Gorantla