Kangana directs “Katti Batti” 7 minute sequence

Bollywood Actress Kangana Ranaut has proved herself with her mettle in the Indian filmdom and heard that she has stepped on to wield megaphone for her upcoming film which is titled as “Katti Batti”.


It is heard that Kangana has directed the fresh first seven minutes of the film in which director Nikhil Advani is handling the project. Actor Imran Khan is playing opposite to the Queen actress.

Kangana said, “It’s a seven-minute uncut sequence. I had to shoot it by holding the camera in my hands which was the demand of the script. It was nerve-racking, but actors can do anything for a director who shows trust and faith in his actor’s abilities. Nikhil is one such director”.

She added, “One of my favourite scenes in the film is one in which Kangana’s character is shooting Imran playfully with an iPad. I wanted the scene to be authentic and organic so Tushar suggested that we should allow Kangana to shoot it herself.”

Advani said, “The lighting was completed, the set was cleared out and Kangana has shot the scene like a pro, adding one more talent to her already overflowing basket”.

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About the Author: Sujana Gorantla