Kamat views “Drishyam” purely as script

Ace director Nishikant Kamat is all set to direct investigative thriller titled as “Drishyam”. He says that this script was purely good and never tried to replicate the original.


Kamat said, “I looked at this film purely in terms of a script. I didn’t look at it as something which was made before and that I had to replicate”.

He added, “There’s a director’s perspective on how you make the film, how you edit it and how you present it and I did it my way. I had only seen the film (the original) once and strictly avoided seeing it again so that I don’t lose perspective. I followed the script and treated it as our own version”.

Kamat said, “We changed the milieu, the backdrop and made it a more pan-India film. We began the changes by first naming the protagonist as Vijay Salgaonkar, and then we placed it in rural Goa. We designed the plot according to this plan and chose to have a certain scale for the film by trying to scale up the film.”

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