Irrfan believes “Powerful” Hollywood affects Indian Cinema

Actor Irrfan Khan who has been Internationally acclaimed says that Indian cinema is being “dominated” by foreign films and this has “affected” the business of Bollywood films.

 Irrfan Khan

Irrfan Khan

He told, “I’m working in both the industries as I’m enjoying my work on both sides. Hollywood demand different kind of skills. They have a different set of audience. So, as an actor it’s fortunate that I get chance to do different kind of work”.

He added, “Both the industries have their own uniqueness. But Hollywood has a bigger reach and has its own universal language. It is more powerful. It has dominated our cinema. It can affect the business of Bollywood. But, our films are not affecting their business. Its Hollywood, which is affecting Indian cinema”.

He added, “People usually think of me as a serious actor, but roles that I have done so far were not of my choice. Whatever roles I was being offered, I chose my part from that.”

He said, “I was not offered such roles earlier. If given a choice I would have rather done comedy and romantic films earlier. But I don’t had a chance earlier. I don’t have a particular group of directors of my own. I don’t have any gang. Whatever roles come to me, I take them. I’m not much active socially”.

Irrfan said, “I would love to do more of them if the script is good because ‘Paan Singh Tomar’ started this trend of biopics. We came out and started this trend in cinema and received success. We were recognised that way in Bollywood. So if something interesting like that comes then I would love to do it and I enjoy doing it.”

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