Hirani says Films shouldn’t be judged by Box-Office count

Director Rakumar Hirani isn’t too bothered about box office numbers soon after delivering excellent scripts.


He said, “A film shouldn’t be judged by the box office numbers anyway. Several films doing well at the box office are forgotten the next day. But this film will stay inside us for many years as a good film and that matters more than box office”.

He told, “The film is extremely beautiful, well-written and well-directed. And all the actors have done a fine job. I actually didn’t know what I was going to watch but one thing I can say is that I thoroughly enjoyed the film”.

He further said, “It (acting) was the most beautiful thing I felt, especially Vicky Kaushal who is Shyam Kaushal’s son. The manner in which he has performed, you don’t feel that he is actually acting. His performance is extremely effortless. He is looking very matured and in no way does it look his first film”.

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