Faisal Saif ropes in Kim Kardashian in his next

Well it is already mentioned that Kim Kardashian who happens to be International reality star is pregnant for the second child. The latest we heard that she has been approached to play a lead role in Faisal Saif’s upcoming film which is titled as “For Adults Only”.


International reality TV star Kim Kardashian, who is pregnant with her second child, has been approached to play the main lead in Faisal Saif’s upcoming erotic thriller “For Adults Only”, says the controversial filmmaker.

He says that the project is “boldest and dirtiest” Indian film.

Saif told, “Yes, we have approached Kim Kardashian and we know she is going through a special phase. We are ready to wait. I am very much sure Kim will easily connect with the idea of my film”.

He is confident about the project that Kim won’t turn down. Incidentally, she was supposed to be part of Salman’s “Big Boss 8” last year which was turned down due to visa issues.

This film is set to be made in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu versions which is set to be produced by Dimension Films.

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