Does Gavie replaces Himanshu in “Yeh Hai India”

It is already announced that actor Himanshu has done shoot of his upcoming film titled as “Yeh Hai India”. The latest we heard that Himanshu has been replaced by Gavie.


Gavie told, “specially fascinated by films that contain some message as you get a feeling that you’re contributing to the society in a way”.

He further added, “India has such a rich heritage since decades but we don’t give it much importance and even foreigners consider us a third world country. I think anybody who listens to this virgin script with such an amazing patriotic character will instantly do the film.”

He said, “My character is of a guy staying abroad but his feet are very much rooted in his own country (India). He has a conflict with his father because his father thinks India can’t progress much. My character has read about the rich tradition of India and lands in India to discover this brilliance of India.”

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About the Author: Sujana Gorantla