Deepak Dobriyal praises Salman, Madhavan

DeepakDobriyal is one of the talented actors in the Indian filmdom and the latest we heard that the actor praises Salman and Madhavan.


In Mumbai through phone Deepak said, “There are two people – Madhavan and Salman Khan – who give space to their co-stars. It is because of them that the trend of increasing the length of role of actors, who are doing well in their films is finding inroads in Bollywood. They always emphasise on giving more scenes to good actors”.

He said, “I would say Madhavan’s involvement had a big role in how the character of Pappi Singh shaped up in the film. He used to clap and appreciate my performance in front of everyone. That filled me up with energy”.

The actor said, “It’s a funny character and is different from what I did in my previous film”.

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About the Author: Sujana Gorantla