Big B wants to learn to talk non-stop from Aaradhya

Bollywood megastar Big B says that his 3 and half year old granddaughter Aaradhya talks non-stop.

Big B

He said that, “These days Aaradhya talks non-stop and I would like to learn that from her. The media thinks I talk less”.

Big B revealed, “When Aaradhya was one-and-a-half-year-old she started playing games on Ipad… searching for her favourite cartoons.”

He added, “Aaradhya is too small to use this website. It’s meant for kids of certain age group – above 5 – and developed after a lot of research. Kids usually have to do school projects from the age of five”.

Bachchan said, “70 years back, there was nothing of this sort for us..we used to play marbles, ride bicycle, we used to get knowledge from schools and stories narrated by our elders. Today’s children are aware about latest technology.”

Big B said, “Not thought about it yet. There are government institutions like NFDC, Children’s Film Society that do this (have children related films)..We can think about it.”

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