Bebo admits her mother-in-law wants her in glam roles

Actress Kareena kapoor Khan is one of the top actress in the Indian filmdom who has married Saif Ali Khan. The latest we heard that veteran actress Sharmila Tagore prefers her to be part of glamerous roles.

In an interview Kareena Kapoor Khan told, “She (Sharmila Tagore) likes me in glamorous parts. She liked me in ‘Fevicol’ song (the item song in ‘Dabangg 2’). She loves song and dance, so she always says that I should look sexy and glamorous”.

She said, “I think that is a compliment, as even after marriage looking glamorous… I like it”.

Kareena said “She is my inspiration as she continued her career despite getting married and having children. She worked with biggest superstars and filmmakers. It is important for me to do that. She will always be my inspiration to have a career and family together”.

She told, “I do miss her in films. I have been a great fan of Hema Maliniji and my mother-in-law. I think they have been iconic actresses”.

Bebo said, “This is a story about how she meets Salman and how she helps him in his journey with the girl to Pakistan. Salman’s fans will get to see his different side. It is not which he normally does, a song and dance kind thing. After a long time, there are performances and in-depth story, drama”.

She added, “I think Salman is lot more calmer now… I think most of the actors that I have worked with from that generation have become like that. I have known them back then, be it Salman, Shah Rukh, Ajay Devgn or Akshay Kumar, they are a lot more calmer now and lot more good-looking”.

She further said, “I think Salman is such a strong person, he does not let anything show on his face even if it is affecting him. He is mature enough not to let it come in the way of his work”.

She said, “There will always be two different stories to it. Today thanks to social media everybody is having their opinion and their views.”

Kabir said, “Salman has God with him…. We all stand by him in his tough time. The fact is Salman is a great person and that you can’t take away or change.”

She said, “Kabir Khan makes this big, good-looking movies… He makes larger-than-life movies, but they always have a story. Its not mindless kind of a film. He (Kabir) will make a commercial bonanza but still have some meat in it.”

Bebo added, “In 15 years, I guess I have worked with every possible director, maybe once maybe twice or sometime thrice (with same director). I feel its good to work with different and new actors and directors and that is why this conscious decision of work with Kabir, Raj Gupta, R Balki and Abhishek Chaubey. They are all different kinds of directors”.

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