Annu Kapoor plays genius in “Mangal Ho”

Annu Kapoor is one of the talented artists from the Indian Filmdom and the latest we heard that he plays a genius role in a sci-fi comedy titled as “Mangal Ho”.

Annu Kapoor
Annu Kapoor

He said, “I play a scientist who is attempting to figure out if there is life on Mangal (Mars). And at the same time, we are trying to find out if there is Mangal (goodness) in life”.

Director said, “This scientist is completely mad. So, the concepts he envisions are something that today’s scientists will think 50 years later. The ‘Mangal Ho’ mission is a creation of his imagination.”

He further added, “He wants to become the ‘God of Mangal’. His ambitious efforts are blocked by everyone but his madness and wildness boost him to give a try to this mission.”

Chakraborty said, “The main theme of ‘Mangal Ho’ is to send a couple to Mars and form a civilisation over there. In real life, people are still working on it, but he has already begun this mission with this film.”

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