Ali Fazal’s initiative to mould his voice

Actor Ali Fazal is going to play a negative zone with “Rourav”. He says that he will be learning ways to modulate his voice for his role in upcoming film.


Ali said, “It’s not just about body transformations, voice plays a major part in shaping the visuals. This particular role is out of my comfort zone, so it requires that much more attention”.

He said, “He will be going for a specialised training to get the accent and tonality”.

He added, “has sourced some videos and voice programmes from the web which he also used during his ‘Furious 7’ time”.

He said, “Modulating voice is not hard, keeping it consistent and truthful is… And that’s what we are working on. It’s more for us than to dazzle the audiences with some unique unheard voice”.

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About the Author: Sujana Gorantla