Aanand L. Rai believes story has to be hero

Director Aanand L. Rai turned 44 on this Sunday i.e. on June 28 believes that story has to be hero with the success of “Tanu Weds Manu Returns”. He also said that he is happy to work on great stories.


Rai told, “My story takes me to the actors and I feel there is no bigger struggler than me…. If I make up my mind, I will take time but I will cast only those actors whom I want.”

He added, “I don’t make stories because of actors. I don’t cast actors and then write the story. My story has to be the hero all the time.”

He said, “Kangana is very hard working. She works a lot and took her time to get the dialect right for her Haryanvi character. After ‘Queen’, there is some kind of a hunger inside her to prove herself and she gave her 100 per cent for this film (‘Tanu Weds Manu Returns’)”.

Rai admits “As a director, I don’t take too much of pressure. I feel your job is to tell the story to the audience with honesty. My audience should have fun, that’s my concern”.

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About the Author: Sujana Gorantla