Aamir’s Bro Faisal’s comeback film ready to entertain us

Bollywood Actor Aamir Khan’s brother Faisal is gearing up to make his comeback into films with “Chinar-Daastaan-E-Ishq”. He said is completed and ready for release as soon as they find distributors.


Faisal said, “My film ‘Chinar-Daastaan-E-Ishq’ will release soon. The film is completely ready and the release will get finalized as soon as we get a distributor on board. We are planning to start showing the film to distributors and once someone takes it, it’ll release immediately”.

He said, “If the film becomes a hit and if the Almighty wishes, I’ll definitely focus on acting for a few years. Currently, my entire focus is on acting. And then, I would also like to try my hand at direction later on. I want everyone to pray for me”.

It is to be mentioned that the film was planned to release in May in Renzu Shah’s direction.

Interestingly this film is inspired from the novel “Jheel Jalti Hai” (Lake is on fire) in which Faisal plays the character of Jamal.

Sources are rife that makers say that it is the first Bollywood film in over 25 years to exhibit Jammu and Kashmir without the backdrop of terrorism and conflict.

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